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Our Business Model

Franchise Model

Property owner invest 100% to renovate hotel to be as THANK HOTEL.

What franchisee Receive
Professional support from property selection, preparation, material providing and hotel operation,etc.
What THANK HOTEL Receive
Expanding market share and increasing brand reputation
Contract Term : 10-20years

Agency Model

Revenue sharing model with THANK HOTEL brand.

What Agency Receive
Brand promotion, including online and offline, guests Conveyance, material providing, and regular personnel training,etc.
What THANK HOTEL Receive
Expanding market share and increasing brand reputation
Contract Term : 10-20years

Why Us


Successful operation management
experience of 4000+ franchisees,
70 Million+
70 million+ membership
Third-party hotel reservation platforms
favorable rate up to 98%

“Quality environment and service making up for the gaps in the local market,The main reason for deciding to join THANK HOTEL is that we don't have this kind of hotel in our local area. The location of the hotel is very suitable for the business travelers who come over. They are generally very critical of the hotel, especially the bedding and space environment. Our hotel has a high rating rate of 98% in the third-party hotel reservation platform.”

Foster Customer Loyalty
To Improve Profitability

Global OTA

China OTA Ctrip & Meituan, and group official APP & Membership
system to connect the Global OTA


“Before joining THANK HOTEL , the most worrying thing is the source of customers, after all, only when there is a source of customers can the benefits be achieved. However, from the hotel's opening for more than half a year, there are no worries at all. There are not only a large number of guests from the third-party hotel reservation platform, but also tens of millions of free members from the headquarters.”

Cooperation Support
Property Criteria
1,Land, existing hotel or building, under construction project
2,>30 rooms
3,Convenient to get in and out, better supporting
4,Located in bustling areas or mature industrial areas,close proximity to key tourists attraction
5,Commercial nature with clear property right
6,The property area is at least 800 square meters
Cooperation Process