Emerging market leading industry

From the very beginning, Sunmei has taken “lead a better life” Slogan as the development vision, adhering to the mission of “Help open hotels easily worldwide”, developing through small and medium-sized chain hotels , always insisting on the concept of high level of appearance, low price, good quality product , which has won a good reputation while achieving high coverage in emerging markets.

Diversified business covering the whole world

Sunmei Group,founded in Qingdao in 2010 by Mr. Ma Yingyao(Tony). Sunmei Group,is a comprehensive group of integrating hotel,house hold,new retail culture and entertainment. At present, the business covers more than 325 cities across China,also other countries like Thailand, India, Africa,etc. The number of hotels have been exceeded more than 5000 and the number of loyalty programme members have reached more than 70 million. Among them, the hotel business scale ranks among the top 5 in China and 16th in the world.

The global strategic blueprint

Under the guidance of brand diversification and internationalization strategy,Sunmei has expanded its layout in more than 10 countries and regions including Russia, India, southeast Asia, Africa, etc., creating an excellent lifestyle for more than 200 million users around the world, and is committed to becoming a leading life service platform in the world.


In the year of 2008, influenced by the US subprime mortgage crisis, Ma Yingxi’s painstakingly managed foundry was struggling. During the crisis, the idea that a viable and competitive Chinese brand came to his mind. At that time, Ma Yingyao’s strongest idea was to build a hotel brand. This idea stems from his travel experience in the past few years when the economic chain hotel market in first and second-tier cities have matured. While the third, fourth tier cities are filled with dilapidated hotel , which has huge market potential.

Ma Yingyao spent a whole year visiting more than 200 cities all over China, investigating while market researching and drawings while business development communication. According to the market characteristics and demands of the country, Ma Yingyao gradually established the brand positioning of “third-tier and fourth-tier city, 40-60 rooms with the most beautiful design”, and finally successfully opened the first “Thank ” in the Sifang district of Qingdao.Ma Yingyao officially started ThankYou Group (later renamed as Sunmei group) also believes that chaining market, based on user needs, can improve the accomodation environment of three, four tier city , improving guest accommodation experience at the same time, help every owner take fewer detours, improve revenue, to participate in the market competition more effectively.


Our Vision

Lead a Better Life

Our Mission

Help in Opening Hotels Easily Worldwide
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